Online Workshops FAQ

Workshop introduction from Susan Purney Mark on Vimeo

What Supplies Will I Need?
There’s a supply list ready for you when you pay on Etsy, just print it off and get ready. I’ve got a great resource list on the PDF with links to the major dye houses around the world

Do you need previous dyeing, printing or design experience?
Heck no! It’s all easy and I’ll be there to guide you through all the steps to beautiful fabrics.

What about safety? You’re just not sure?
All the dyes and chemicals you’ll be using are safe when used in a responsible manner. I’ll spend time showing you how to set up your workspace and using some simple safety equipment.

Wondering about the whole “online” thing? Here’s some of those Frequently Asked Questions:

• Do you have to sign in or be at your computer at a certain time?
—–nope, its all recorded before hand, you can watch it whenever you want….in your jammies with a cuppa!

• When does the workshop start and finish?
—–My workshops begin the moment you pay on Etsy and download the instructional PDF.

• What if you lose the password or links?
—-just email me and I’ll send it to you…once, twice or??

• You’ve signed up and paid the $$, now what?
—-you’ll get a PDF when you pay, read through the Supply List, Instructions and Tips and Hints
—-print off the supply lists and start shopping…
—-remember that you can download the videos and PDF’s to work on at your own pace
—-I’m here for you to succeed, so I’ll make sure that you are totally 100% happy! And I’ll be there to help you along the way, anytime…..