I love to teach and share with you but I can’t always be at your guild or conference.

With that in mind, I’ve developed the next, best way to inspire you. So….invite me into your home or studio to learn new ideas and techniques.

My workshops are multi-lesson formats that combine PDF documents to print out – such as dye recipes and resources – and videos for you to watch and learn.  You can watch them at your own pace, download them for future reference and work alongside me or take notes with a cup of coffee beside you! There will be opportunity for you to ask questions, post pictures and to meet other students and chat.

Each workshop will be available  to you forever and you will be able to keep the links to the videos or download the videos for anytime in the future. Browse through the workshops below and sign up! You are welcome to email me with any questions.

I hope you will join me on this exciting new adventure!


I know you are busy and would like to take your online workshops when it’s convenient for YOU! So I’m in the process of making it easy for YOU! All my Online Workshops will soon be available as “on-demand”…meaning you can sign up and take the workshop when ever you like! You’ll have access to the workshop for as long as you like and I’ll be available for your questions and comments as best as I am able.

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Online Workshops FAQ

There’s a supply list ready for you on the registration page, just print it off and get ready. I’ve got a great resource list on the PDF with links to the major dye houses around the world

Do you need previous dyeing, printing or design experience?
Heck no! It’s all easy and I’ll be there to guide you through all the steps to beautiful fabrics.

What about safety? You’re just not sure?
All the dyes and chemicals you’ll be using are safe when used in a responsible manner. I’ll spend time showing you how to set up your workspace and using some simple safety equipment.

Wondering about the whole “online” thing? Here’s some of those Frequently Asked Questions: Read More . . .

Shifting into Neutral

Explore the wonderful nuanced shades of neutrals you can achieve with black, grey and brown. Your personal colour palette will be enhanced with the addition of the warm / cool values and you will learn about the different colour casts of a variety of blacks. We will also over dye colours with the neutrals to get subtle variations as we work with low water immersion, shibori and shape resists, plus the excitement of thickened dyes. You will have the opportunity to develop a dyeing sample book and create small yardages for your fabric inventory.

Registration Opens: TBD
Workshop Opens: TBD

$60.00 Read More . . .

Ice Dyeing Revealed

As a surface design artist, I know you love colour and pattern…don’t we all! We understand the importance of subtle value shifts, repeating imagery and glorious contrasts….that’s why you are so creative! But maybe you are looking for a new method to add to your toolbox? Something that helps you move beyond anything you could imagine…..

Ongoing Registration
Self-paced Workshop

$30.00 Read More . . .

Colour Play and Pattern

This exciting workshop has been developed for quilters, stitchers, mixed media artists and everyone in between. You will learn basic colour mixing theory using Procion MX dyes. Then make simple colour gradations, colour to colour runs and develop a range of fabrics and threads using a planned palette showing value, tints and shades.

You will learn how to prepare threads for dyeing by skeining and tying to keep them from tangling, what fabrics to use for dyeing and easy ways to rinse and wash your fabrics. Dye recipes and excellent written step by step instructions will be provided and there will be a focus on safe studio habits.

Registration opens: TBD
Workshop opens: TBD

$60.00 Read More . . .

Squiggle, Line & Dot – Mark Making

In this workshop we will use a variety of methods to create marks on both paper and fabric. Using unusual tools, inks and paints we explore line, pattern and composition that we can use as personal symbols and our own unique language. We can combine this work with other fabrics and papers for presentation as books, work for further exploration or as finished pieces.

Registration Opens: April 21, 2017
Workshop Opens: May 12, 2017

$60 Read More . . .

Screen Print & Stitch

Are you looking to build your skills as a surface design artist? Do you want to learn specific techniques that will help you to create beautiful fabrics for your art? Perhaps you are new to the world of mono printing, thickened dyes, screen printing and stamping and would like a solid foundation of knowledge that you can refer to again and again? Then “Print, Screen and Stitch” is made just for you! In the past these lessons have been separate workshops, but since so many of my students enroll in more than one of my surface design workshops it made sense to build a special group package with tons of value-added information. So now “Screen, Print and Stitch” is a more extensive journey into helping you build those skills that you’ve been wanting for your textile art!

Registration Opens: TBD
Workshop Opens: TBD Read More . . .

Marking with Stitch

Mark making as a process can take many forms and use a variety of media. In this workshop we will explore stitch as a way to lay down lines and pattern onto both fabric and paper.

Thick or thin, smooth or shiny, threads can denote emotions, words, convey meaning or simply work into pattern. Students will make many samples that can be used as reference or be made into a journal or book.

Registration Opens: TBD

Workshop Opens: TBD Read More . . .

Give & Take Design

Learn to “accentuate” the positive and negative in creating interesting design possibilities. To begin, students will learn about and create Notan designs with black and white paper and then adapt some of those designs for a variety of surface treatments. We will use freezer paper motifs with Shiva Paintsticks, make stamps with a variety of materials, use stencils with screen printing and explore how to use the pieces that you will create. Time will be spent on discussing and demonstrating good design principles as well as a variety of finishing techniques such as stitch and embellishment.

Registration opens: Information to come
Workshop opens: Information to come Read More . . .