surface design

As a teacher, I encourage quilters, both newcomers and the more experienced, to enjoy the process, to gather as much knowledge as possible and to challenge themselves with new techniques and designs. With consultation, workshop length and some subject matter can be altered to meet student needs. Workshop and lecture fees and requirements can be found in the teaching contract form.

Colour on Ice – The Canadian Experience!

Pattern, Colour and Texture that will surprise and inspire – made with ice! In this lecture/demonstration, Susan will walk with you through the simple-to-replicate steps she uses to create her amazing fabrics. Learn how to fold, compress, twist and tie for beautiful patterns, subtle values and glorious colour shifts with some simple and creative techniques.

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Colour Blocking

In this workshop you will learn to make and use thickened dyes as a base for printing with a silk screen. Thickened dyes do not change the hand of the fabric, allowing the fabric to remain soft and supple despite repeated applications, plus thickened dyes are transparent, so layers of dye will change intensity, value and colours, giving the artist a wide range of possible uses for their created cloth. By using an open screen, with no images masked on the screen, students achieve large areas of one or several colors that can mix and combine on the fabric.

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Print It, Print It

Create your own spectacular fabrics in this workshop, all about printing! There are countless ways to make exciting designs with a gelatin plate. Learn to use stencils and masks, doilies, kitchen tools and more with textile paints and explore all the possible ways to get colour onto cloth. You will also learn to make your own hand carved stamps as well as using found objects for more layers of colour.

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Blending, Burnishing and Buffing

Creatively build layers of interest with texture and dimension while exploring different approaches to the blending of color and visual texture on cloth. Consider the subtle variations of old metal, time worn wood, or peeling paint, students will use screen printing, colour blocking, wax resists, mono printing and more to achieve the depth and variety that can develop with an open approach to experimentation. Foiling and metallic effects in paints will be used for more surface interest as well as blending with other media. Students will work with a variety of fabrics such as cotton and silk with different weights, textures and opacity. Stitched fabrics, leftovers, antique or old linens are all welcome in this workshop.

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Shifting into Neutral

Explore the wonderful nuanced shades of neutrals you can achieve with blacks, greys and primaries in this workshop. Your personal colour palette will be greatly enhanced with the addition of the warm/cool values and you will learn about the different colour casts with a variety of blacks. We will also over dye colours with the neutrals to get a subtle variations as we work with low water immersion, shibori and thickened dyes with mark making. You will create a dye and print sample book and small yardages that can be used for a variety of textile projects.

2-3 Days

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Tasters Choice

Come to the buffet! Susan will put on a spread of different techniques and products for you to sample…there’s something for everyone. Learn all about our special friend “Angelina” and all her fibres. We’ll play with foil and painted fusibles, create stamped images and use photo transfer methods. So much fun, so much to learn!

1 Day

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Colour It, Fuse It

Learn how to make richly patterned handmade cloth using painted fusible web and interfacing for innovative surface design and embellishment. This is not your grandmother’s fusible web! In this lecture/demonstration, Susan will show you how versatile fusible web can be in the hands of an artist. By combining several different processes, she demonstrates how to add layers of colour, transparency and interest with a variety of techniques and unusual products.

1 Day

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Colour Play

This exciting workshop has been developed for quilters, stitchers, mixed media artists and everyone in between. You will learn basic colour mixing theory using Procion MX dyes. Then make simple colour gradations, colour to colour runs and develop a range of fabrics and threads using a planned palette showing value, tints and shades. Dye recipes and excellent written step by step instructions will be provided and there will be a focus on safe studio habits.

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This and That

Confused and bewildered by “surface design”? Would you like to try some great techniques but you aren’t sure how to start? Then this is the workshop for you… We’ll explore several ideas such as stamping, Thermofax printing, using stencils and Paintsticks to get imagery on to fabrics. We collage them together to create a background for a fabric overlay and add stitch & embellishment for further interest. Along the way Susan will teach you about pattern, positive and negative design, and options for further exploration.

1 -2 days

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Dabble Lab – Screen Printing with Attitude

Screen printing on fabric opens the door to so many possibilities, in this workshop you discover that screen printing is not difficult or expensive. You will learn to make simple, basic screens that will meet all your needs and the appropriate paints, dyes and tools to use. Different techniques will be covered including freezer paper stencils and other masks, Thermofax printing and using gel and glue mediums for foils and special effects. Time will be spent on good design fundamentals, repeating imagery and overlaid colours and patterns. You will leave with a range of surface design ideas and a groups of samples for reference or to use in future projects.

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Resists, Rubbings and Repetition

Explore pattern, texture, design and colour using soy wax as a resist method on a variety of natural fabrics. You will create multiple layers of interest with painted resists, colour and value mixing, pole wrapping, stitch resist, and screen printing with thickened dyes using a wide variety of tools such as brushes, masks and sponges. Time will be spent learning design principles, mark making and colour theory. A wide variety of samples of different techniques will be made as well as larger yardage suitable for art quilts, clothing, home decor and mixed media. Soy wax is a renewable resource, kind to the environment and easy to remove with washing.

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Font and Fabric

From fragments of ancient linens to current application methods on fabrics, artists have applied text to their work for centuries. Students will learn some of the history of alphabets and lettering and the significance that print plays in our lives. After exploring a variety of fonts and styles students will sketch out their ideas and consider possible application methods in stitch, appliqué, or surface design techniques.

2-3 days

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