Opportunities for guilds and groups during this “social distancing” time!

All lectures are offered as a live Zoom presentation with Power Point style chock full of images and a full Q & A with attendees. Stay safe and still enjoy learning with my informative and inspirational talks from the comfort of your home computer or tablet. Zoom is a user friendly app that is easy to install and use. I am also happy to use the account of a guild or group.

I’m willing to fit my schedule to yours and work with you to make this a success! Email me for further details: susanpm (at) shaw (dot) ca 

My Iceland Narrative

Imagine spending an entire month – halfway around the world – to create your art? Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well, actually it was Iceland and I was fortunate to devote myself to exploring a topic that has become a major focus of my work – textile book forms. I’ll share my experiences, thoughts and plans with you and include suggestions on how you can create your own art residency far, far away or in your own backyard. Plus I’ll show you the results of my creative adventure.








Cloth to Codex

Are you searching for something new with a textile theme? I am also an experienced bookmaker working with fabric to create unique and unusual book forms. I’d love to take you on a journey to explore making a variety of styles and shapes of books that use hand dyed and marked fabrics that can be functional and beautiful. An unusual topic but so inspiring!






Sacred Cloth-Textiles of Faith

Join Susan on a journey of discovery while visiting many of the world’s religions to see how they use fabric, thread and textiles in their rituals, ceremonies and beliefs.  A closer look at the history of our relationship with cloth can bring insight and understanding to all people of faith. 







On the Surface — Design, Colour and Deliriously Fun Stuff

Painting, dyeing, printing, stamping, paint sticks….what’s it all about? This lecture is a great introduction to the wonderful world of Surface Design and all the possible methods of applying colour to cloth. You will look at your fabrics with a new vision!