Ice Dyeing Revealed

triangleAs a surface design artist, I know you love colour and pattern…don’t we all! We understand the importance of subtle value shifts, repeating imagery and glorious contrasts….that’s why you are so creative! But maybe you are looking for a new method to add to your toolbox? Something that helps you move beyond anything you could imagine…..

I have a method of dyeing that is almost like Forrest Gump…..a surprise every time! By using ice as the carrier for dye powders you will achieve the most incredibly amazing patterns and textures, like nothing you’ve done before…

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Ongoing Registration, Self-Paced Workshop

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After this workshop you can build up a fabric inventory like no one else, each piece of fabric will be a new creation, ready for your artistic skills! You will be able to:

• create yardage, not just small pieces but long lengths of gorgeous fabrics
• dye coordinating patterns in different colour ways
• make home decor items, cushions wall hangings and more
• have a ready stash of fabrics for whenever you feel inspired

Doesn’t this sound wonderfully exciting? You bet! There’s a lot to be excited about!


Sun Flash

So how does this work? Here’s a bit about the workshop:

• First, you will have access to a password protected webpage that’s just for you. The password, supply list and other information can be downloaded as soon as you sign-up.
• There’s a place on the webpage for you to post questions and comments and to chat with all your fellow students.

Wondering about the whole “online” thing? Here’s some of those Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this Ice Dyeing all about, anyway? All Fibre Reactive dyes need two things….well actually, three. First they need fabric, well yeah! Then they need a dye activator, that’s the stuff that make the dye permanent on the fabric, in this technique, soda ash. Then they need water/snow/ice to dissolve the dye and move it onto the fabric. If you’ve dyed fabric before, then you probably used water, right?

Well, I live in Canada….the home of eternal snows, not! My climate in southwestern British Columbia is decidedly Mediterranean…no snow. So I have turned to ice as the next best thing…actually I think it’s the BEST thing.

The ice acts both as a carrier of the dye powder as it melts but it also slows down and changes the reaction time so that the dye reaches different parts of the fabric at different times and that’s the MAGIC, folks!

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BUY NOW: $45


Mango Mandela

 In Ice Dyeing Revealed here’s what we’ll cover:

• the dyes and chemicals that you will use
• safe studio practices, how to set up your dyeing area
• equipment such as measuring cups, colanders and more
• getting the fabric ready for dyeing
• the “magic” folding patterns – it’s all in the folding!
• dye colour choices
• setting up the fabric, the ice and the dye
• batching time – be patient, young Luke…..
• rinsing and washing your fabrics
• getting excited!

I’ve been a dyer and surface design artist for over 20 years. And I’ve taught surface design for about 15 years. I’ve taken loads of workshops, I have advanced diplomas in textiles and art. Name a technique, I’ve tried it. Sometimes it takes lots of skill and practice to achieve success. And I get that….its part of being an artist!

But, with Ice Dyeing Revealed, you will find success right from the start, I want you to have a fun time in the workshop, creating beauty. And you will! If you’re new to dyeing fabric then you’ll be able to create more on your own than you ever dreamed possible! And if you are an experienced dyer you will learn some new ideas to add to your repertoire of skills.


Be part of the fun and learn all about the new ways to create those gorgeous fabrics!

BUY NOW: $45

But wait there’s more!

Just in case you’re not totally sure about this, visit my Pinterest Board and see more of those Ice Dyed Revealed Fabrics!

See you in class!